UPDATED 7-15-2013

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December 25, 2012 will mark three years since Larry's disappearance. Family and law enforcement believe Larry most likely met with foul play and is deceased. In order for there to be closure in Larry's death, there is a $10,000 reward being offered for the recovery of Larry's body.

Any tips can be called into Crime Stoppers with complete anonymity. It's important to Larry's family that he be put to rest properly, so they can have some closure and start the healing process.

Any person having knowledge of Larry's location is urged to call Crime Stoppers and report what they know. The person's identity will be shielded through Crime Stoppers methods, and the reward will be paid out.

In addition, Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information resulting in an arrest that pertains to Larry's case. This also will be paid out with complete anonymity.

Contact Crime Stoppers at, or at 1-800-248-TIPS.


This summer marked another successful fundraising event to boost the Find Larry Riegel reward fund. Hundreds of people came to the community yardsale, shopped, ate Larry Dogs, and bought quilt raffle tickets. The family thanks all the supporters who continue to contribute to increase the reward monies.

The reward fund stands at $10,000 for information leading to Larry's disovery. The investigation continues, Larry's disappearance has been acknowledged as "foul play" by the police department, and is being worked actively by detectives. Any tips can be made anonymously. Please visit the "Tips" link to send a message to the family.


Larry disappeared from his home the evening of Christmas Day 2009. He has had no contact with his family or friends since then. The police have called his disappearance "suspicious", but do not have any firm leads on what happened to him. Larry was an outgoing, gregarious, social outdoorsman who enjoyed the company of friends and family. For him to suddenly disappear can only mean one thing to those who knew him.

There is a reward fund growing through the collection of private donations, annual fund raisers and the making and selling of artwork from his collection of antlers. If you would like more information on how you can help, please send us an email or call one of the contact numbers listed on the website. If you have information that could be used to find him, please don't hesitate.

You could hold the key to the ONE piece of vital information that would lead to Larry's recovery. The reward will be paid out upon the recovery of Larry's remains and will not be held back until conviction of the responsible parties. Our family simply wants him returned and laid to rest.



  • 57 years old
  • gray hair
  • hazel eyes
  • 6' 2" tall
  • 200 pounds
  • prominent scar on the right side of neck, recent surgery
  • was never without a distinctive, custom made, opal ring
  • Pilot / Cub Crafters
  • Outdoorsman / Hunter / Fisherman
  • Smokes cigarettes
  • Likes to socialize in clubs
  • Larry is a talker! Extremely outgoing and warm.
  • Enjoys playing cards